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Australian Resources

The Pyramid Model is being used increasingly in Australian kindergartens and early years services and complements existing Australian social-emotional & behavioural related policies such as The Early Years Learning Framework & The National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education and Care. The Pyramid Model helps educators bring related aspects of the frameworks into reality by providing strategies and resources. To access locally developed resources please explore the webpages below.

Leaders, Trainers & Coaches

Explore this section to learn about introducing the Pyramid Model to Australia and its implementation in local contexts.

Access Resources to assist educators enhance social-emotional competence in their early childhood classrooms.


  • The Pyramid Model in Australia

    Find out about the history of the Pyramid Model in Australia and its connections to our early childhood education and care frameworks.

  • Australian Research

    The Pyramid Model has a significant evidence base. Find out about recent research conducted in Australia.

  • Trainers & Coaches

    Explore local resources and shared experiences in working together to support educators to implement the Pyramid Model.

Educators & Families

We know children learn best through ‘every day’ experiences and interactions with the people close to them in their familiar surroundings. Find resources to support the ‘every day’ work you do in developing young children’s social and emotional skills and capacities.


  • Educators

    For each level of the pyramid, access resources to complement your existing practices.

  • Media

    Explore videos on Pyramid Model practices in Australian classrooms.

  • Families

    Find social-emotional support resources and tools.


Connect, collaborate, and share with other leaders and educators here.

Learn More

  • Contacts

    Here you can find key community members in Australia for information and support.

  • Events and Training Opportunities

    Find upcoming events and training opportunities in your area.

  • Networking

    Share resources & ideas, access support and engage in lively discussions.

  • Events and Training Opportunities

    Explore useful Australian Government, social emotional and positive behaviour related websites.

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Access the full suite of American resources, research and services.


Directly explore resources available on the TACSEI and CSEFEL websites.