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ePyramid & Cohort Coaching FAQs

1. What are the intended outcomes for the Pyramid Model online training?

The Pyramid Model is a proven system for helping teachers and caregivers guide the social-emotional development of young children while improving their ability learn and self-regulate challenging behavior. The ePyramid democratizes the availability of this system by presenting it as a series of 17 online video lessons accompanied by down-loadable tools and templates. The ePyramid lessons equip teachers and caregivers with capabilities and confidence that increases their effectiveness, job satisfaction and longevity.

Cohort Coaching of 10 participants enhances the value of the ePyramid modules by adding motivation, structure and support from experienced coaches in a peer setting.


2. What support will I get from participating in a Coaching Cohort?

The Coaching Cohorts are designed to help teachers and other provider implement the Pyramid Model practices. Coaches will lead Cohorts through reflections and action planning that are structured and inspired by the ePyramid.  More specifically, the coaching sessions are designed to help staff discuss the lessons, provide reflection and ask questions while implementing the practices.


3. What ePyramid package should I choose for my program?

The online training is organized by the target age of the children being served by the teacher or childcare provider as follows:

  • Preschool Module Package (ages 2-5)
  • Infant Toddler Module Package (ages 0-3)
  • Birth – 5 Module Package (ages 0-5)

In each ePyramid module package are 3 modules with 6-7 lessons each.  Each module builds on the next with the focus being on building an effective workforce, quality environments, nurturing relationships, targeted social emotional strategies and then intensive interventions for challenging behaviors. Program leaders can get reports on the progress program participants are making as they work thru the modules.

We also offer a bonus package, “Culturally Responsive Practices to Reduce Implicit Bias, Disproportionality Suspension and Expulsion.”


4. What’s the time commitment for Cohort Coaching? And how many training hours can participants claim from Cohort Coaching?

Cohort participants will qualify for 18 hours of training. Cohorts will meet with their Coach via Zoom video conferences for nine 1-hour sessions scheduled every other week. Participants are expected to prepare for each video conference by watching and working through two ePyramid lessons, equivalent to 1-3 hours of preparation.


5. When do the ePyramid trainings start?

The ePyramid Modules are self-paced and can begin as soon as you make a purchase and receive your access code. You have 1 year to activate your code thru the Pyramid Model Consortium website. Once your access code is activated, you will have unlimited access for 365 days.

Coaching Cohorts are scheduled with interested parties and PMC coaches as needed and are dependent on schedule availability. Cohorts at typically a group of 10 participants. Those 10 participants can be from one program or be a combination of individuals from different programs or states.


6. What about the technology – are the ePyramid modules and the Cohort video conferences easy or difficult to access and use?

Both the ePyramid online training and the Cohort Coaching are very easy to access and use. The ePyramid only requires an internet-connected device and can be viewed using a desktop computer or mobile device (phone or tablet) by accessing a password-protected website. Cohort Coaching also requires an internet connection; in addition, we prefer that participants use a computer or mobile device with a camera so that participants can be seen by the coach and other trainees. Cohort Coaching is hosted by the Coach using the Zoom video conferencing service. The service is free to participants by registering for a free Zoom account prior to the first video conference.


7. Can administrators also benefit from reviewing the ePyramid training modules and/or joining a Coaching Cohort?

Yes, we encourage training for teachers to directly apply the learnings and for administrators to know how to best support their teaching staff.


8. How much do the ePyramid packages and Cohort Coaching cost?

Yearlong access to the ePyramid Module Package of your choice costs $49 for 365 days of unlimited access. The bonus package on Reducing Implicit Bias is priced at $29/year.

Cohort Coaching is priced at $329 per individual participant and includes 365 days of unlimited access to the ePyramid Module Package of your choice.


9. How can I pay?

Purchase order or credit card. To arrange for payment, please contact Erin Kalanick: erin.kalanick@pyramidmodel.org or 406-698-5231.


10. How do we get started?

Please contact Erin Kalanick: erin.kalanick@pyramidmodel.org or 406-698-5231. Upon purchase of the ePyramid online training and/or Cohort Coaching, each participating staff member will receive a URL where the training “lives” and an access code. Once an access code is activated for an individual, they have full access for 365 days.

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