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2015 Issues Archive

10/29/2015 – The Pyramid Model Consortium Announces Free Webinar!
09/16/2015 – Pyramid Model Update September 2015

2014 Issues Archive

12/22/2014 – Pyramid Model Update December 2014: Preschool Expulsion Policy, Pyramid Research Summary, Register for NTI, TPOT Workshop, NEW Training Materials
08/05/2014 – Pyramid Model Update August 2014: Pyramid Model Consortium Updates, TPOT Workshops, New Training Materials, and NTI Save the Date!
04/08/2014 – Pyramid Model Update April 2014: PM Consortium, New Roadmaps, New TPOT Tool and More!
01/16/2014 – Pyramid Model Update January 2014: PM Consortium, Backpack Handouts, Register for NTI, New TPOT Tool and More!

2013 Issues Archive

11/06/2013 – Pyramid Model Update November 2013: NTI 2014, Life After Centers, Grad Prep, New Family Resources, Challenging Behavior Monograph
06/12/2013 – Pyramid Model Update June 2013: We Need Your Input! Learning and Networking, New Backpacks, Save the Date NTI 2014
02/05/2013 – Pyramid Model Update Feb 2013: NTI 2013, Pyramid Model Celebration, PTR-YC Webinar, New “Just Being Kids” Video from Results Matter

2012 Issues Archive

12/07/2012 – Pyramid Model Update Dec 2012: PTR Webinar, NTI 2013 Registration Open, New Backpack Handouts, Keeping up with Tech and More!
10/25/2012 – Pyramid Model Update October 2012: Family Coaching Webinar, NTI 2013 Reg Opens, Screen Sharing Apps
08/16/2012 – Pyramid Model Update August 2012: TACSEI Webinar, New Backpacks & Make N Take, LEAP Resources, NTI 2013, Data and Infographics
06/28/2012 – Pyramid Model Update June/July 2012: Updated CSEFEL Video, New TACSEI Webinar, Input Needed on RtI Paper, YouTube Your Way
05/03/2012 – Pyramid Model Update April/May 2012: May Webinar, Online Certificate in PBS,NTI 2013, PDFs Go Interactive and Flash on iPad
03/15/2012 – Pyramid Model Update March 2012: New Demo Program Resources, Mobile Access, NTI 2012, Tech to Support Learning AFTER the Workshop
02/09/2012 – Pyramid Model Update Jan/Feb 2012: New Name, Products, Demo Materials and Apps!

2011 Issues Archive

11/29/2011 – TACSEI & CSEFEL Nov/Dec Update: New Make & Take, Fully Online Grad Certificate in PBS, Sharing Large Video Files
10/20/2011 – TACSEI & CSEFEL October Update: Registration Open for NTI; CSEFEL No Cost Extension; Free App to Share Desktop in Real Time
08/30/2011 – TACSEI & CSEFEL Aug/Sept Update: New Module for Parents, Resources for Trainers & Coaches plus FREE Videos for Training
07/21/2011 – TACSEI & CSEFEL July Update: New SE Health Tutorial; Download Problems? Use Scribd; Screencasting and Editing Digital Video
06/02/2011 – TACSEI & CSEFEL May/June Update: WWB on Temperament, Latest Pyramid Model Research, WordClouds and Flip!
04/21/2011 – TACSEI & CSEFEL April Update: NAEYC TOT Session; TACSEI Demo Programs; New Tech Tips from Larry Edelman
03/22/2011 – TACSEI & CSEFEL March Update: Online PBS Certificate, TTYC Adds Strategies for Toddlers, New Product/News to Share Resource
02/22/2011 – TACSEI & CSEFEL February Update: Preventing Restraint & Seclusion; Attachment: What Works?; Last Chance to Register for NTI
01/19/2011 – TACSEI & CSEFEL January Update: Register for NTI 2011, Online Tool to Promote Literacy, Online Tutorial to Recognize Trauma

2010 Issues Archive

11/18/2010 – TACSEI & CSEFEL November Update: NTI 2011, Online PBS Certificate, Tipsheets for Parents, ITCA Web Series
10/20/2010 – TACSEI & CSEFEL October Update: New Family Resources, Pyramid Model Stories, Stay Connected!
09/22/2010 – TACSEI & CSEFEL Aug/Sept Update: New CSEFEL Family Tool, TACSEI Website Gets New Look, New TACSEI States
07/15/2010 – TACSEI & CSEFEL July Update: CSEFEL Videos Online, TACSEI State Deadline 7/29/10, New Decision Making Guidelines!
06/11/2010 – TACSEI & CSEFEL June Update: New Funding in MA, TACSEI State RFP, Tell Us What You Think!
05/13/2010 – TACSEI & CSEFEL May Update: New Collaboration Video, Infant/Toddler TOT Session at NAEYC, Join TACSEI on Facebook!
04/13/2010 – TACSEI & CSEFEL April Update: Valuable Resources Available at New Website, New Book Nooks Available, National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day
03/11/2010 – TACSEI & CSEFEL March Update: Pyramid Plus, Help with Screening and Assessment, New TACSEI Partner and More!
02/04/2010 – TACSEI & CSEFEL February Update: Facebook Discussion, New Roadmap Available, Tell Us Your Pyramid Story and More!
01/12/2010 – TACSEI & CSEFEL January Update: TACSEI Implementation Academy, CSEFEL Gets New Look, NTI Registration

2009 issues Archive

12/02/2009 – TACSEI & CSEFEL December Update: TACSEI Implementation Academy, NTI Registration, New Policy Brief, CSEFEL Course
11/09/2009 – TACSEI & CSEFEL November 2009 Update: NTI Registration, CSEFEL Online Course, TACSEI Implementation Academy and More
10/07/2009 – TACSEI & CSEFEL October 2009 Update: Implementation Academy, New Book Nooks, TACSEI States and More!
09/08/2009 – TACSEI & CSEFEL September 2009 Update
08/06/2009 – TACSEI & CSEFEL August 2009 Update: TACSEI State Application, New CSEFEL IMH Synthesis, RtI and the Pyramid Model
07/23/2009 – TACSEI & CSEFEL July 2009 Update: New Roadmap Title, Two New Family Tools, Positive Behavior Support
06/16/2009 – TACSEI & CSEFEL June 2009 Update: New WWB Training Kits, TACSEI Webinar Posted, CSEFEL Online Course Registration
05/21/2009 – Updates May 2009
04/23/2009 – TACSEI & CSEFEL April 2009 Update: Young Children’s Social Emotional Development
03/24/2009 – TACSEI & CSEFEL March 2009 Update: Young Children’s Social Emotional Development