Sure, a model of support for healthy social-emotional development in infants and young children is important. But having a model is not the same as implementing it, which is why we also specialize in execution and sustainability. Whether you need training or technical assistance for your state, community, or program, our extensive experience and knowledge of implementation science help you feel confident in changing the way you help young children to grow, develop, and learn.

Online Training: ePyramid

Having training at your fingertips and when you need it helps you stay one step ahead. To support new and existing staff, the ePyramid online training gives you access to high-quality, interactive professional development around all 3-tiers of the Pyramid Model.

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  • Innovating

    When it comes to improving early childhood care, our work is never finished. The new online training program is an example of our commitment to innovation.

  • Educating

    Continuous education helps new and veteran staff provide consistent support to classrooms. On-demand, online training makes growing and changing easy.

  • Sharing

    Helping children have healthy relationships is important, which is why online training is low-cost and accessible to any program.

Offline Training

We offer a variety of targeted in-person professional development opportunities for teachers, home visitors, coaches, behavior specialists, mental health consultants, and program leaders. To support a customized approach, modules are organized based on age groups, from infants to pre-k.

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  • Researching

    To promote child engagement and appropriate behavior, our practices are based on research on the effective instruction for infants and toddlers.

  • Training

    With a train-the-trainer model, leaders can provide teams with strategies and practices that are reliable and consistent.

  • Growing

    Stay up-to-date on information and research about early social-emotional development through publications, webinars, and technical assistance.

State Capacity-Building

To take the guesswork out of establishing a foundation for a cross-sector, professional development program in your state, we spent 15 years in extensive research. The framework builds capacity beyond the classroom by creating a team of dedicated, trained leaders.

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  • Implementing

    This process includes establishing a state leadership team, a master cadre of professional development experts, and demonstration sites.

  • Sustaining

    To support the high-fidelity use of the Pyramid Model, you get technical assistance to create policies and procedures.

  • Scaling

    Effective change takes time and commitment. To evaluate progress and adapt to new changes, you learn how to collect data and analyze results.

Program Capacity-Building

Whether you are a district, region, or part of a larger effort to build statewide capacity, you can engage with a variety of our unique research and specialized training. Because of federal grants and donations, we support programs of all sizes.

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  • Implementing

    Like our State-Capacity Building, you can implement the Pyramid Model and commit to a process that has long-term results.

  • Training

    To help your early childhood workforce master the art of infusing play-time with social-emotional development, you can access offline or online training.

  • Supporting

    As your workforce, environment, or goals change, you have ongoing support to sustain the use of the Pyramid Model.

Our Newest Impact

Introducing The E-Pyramid Model, our online training program for the early childhood workforce. Learn how to enhance social-emotional development in young children, without ever leaving the classroom.

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