Offline Training

Lead, Teach, and Play Together

Ready to engage your early childhood team and reach new levels of social-emotional support in your classrooms? Research shows that quality training, effective leadership, and administrative support leads to 95 percent of classrooms implementing the Pyramid Model. Our courses teach you how set a benchmark of performance for your team, conduct effective workshops for learning, and analyze your program’s progress.


What You Learn

Create Positive Environments

The answer to social-emotional competence for children begins with the adult but flourishes with a supportive environment. Our evidence-based resources cover everything from classroom design to daily routines.

Master Problem-Solving

Your program’s success depends on taking what you know to discover what you don’t know. Learn how to analyze data to overcome obstacles, increase participation, and arrive at better results.

Recognize Team Success

To keep your team motivated and focused, you get access to resources for tracking performance and holding your workforce accountable for implementation.

Strengthen Communication

Effective communication takes effort and repetition. We provide you with templates for checklists, meetings, and training sessions so you can streamline your processes and bring your team together.


Courses For Leadership

  • Train-the-Trainer Infant Toddler Modules
  • Train-the-Trainer Pre-K Modules
  • Pyramid Model Coaches Training