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Offline Training

Become an Effective Workforce

To maximize the use of our social-emotional intervention and support framework, we provide high-quality training to early childhood teams. Over 15 years, we reviewed research on classroom promotion, prevention, and intervention practices to identify a method that fits into a teacher’s routine and a child’s play. Our training is part of our State-Building and Program-Building Capacity services and occurs on site for interactive, effective learning.


What You Learn

Increase Your Confidence

Teachers are most effective when prepared. You should know what goals need to be met and how to reach them. That’s why our training gives you the confidence to offer targeted support to children with challenging behaviors by using our four-tiered method.

Learn Intentional Teaching

Children learn through play. But they also need guidance from teachers to understand how to share, relate, and express. Our model helps you develop individualized support plans for each child so learning is intentional, purposeful, and effective.

Get Better Support

Like young children, teachers also need a respectful and supportive work environment to grow. We designate an internal coach to assist, encourage, and help you implement the practices and procedures of the Pyramid Model in your classroom.


What We Offer:

Courses For Teachers

  • Teaching Pyramid Observation Tools for Preschool Classrooms
  • Prevent-Teach-Reinforce for Young Children
  • Targeted Strategies for Successful Inclusion of Children with Disabilities