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Program-Capacity Building

Growing Up At Your Own Pace

Whether you have a team of 5 or a workforce of 30, you will receive customized training and support at a pace that makes sense for your program. Our model is most effective when everyone is committed, educated, and participating, so our framework is designed to help you implement the Pyramid Model and grow your program in all classrooms.


What’s Included

Leadership Team

To increase job satisfaction and competence for your staff, a leadership team provides support even after implementation is complete. The team also analyzes data for even greater outcomes as you grow.

Data Solutions

Your teachers have enough on their plate, which is why we created a simple assessment that tracks behaviors in the classroom. It takes 1 minute to complete, but will help your team identify children (or teachers) who need another hand to hold.

Customized Approach

The Pyramid Model is designed to fit into the settings of all early childhood centers. But like the implementation plan, sustainability goals are customized to specific needs and what works best for your playground.