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Program-Capacity Building

Support From the First Steps and Beyond

Finding support for social-emotional development in early childhood programs looks different for every classroom. Is your staff motivated? Your parents actively involved? Are you ready to make a commitment and change the way you work? You can answer these questions and discover solutions for a high-fidelity implementation of the Pyramid Model with our framework. You get unlimited access to our expertise, guidance, and animal crackers.

What’s Included

Demonstration Sites

Just like role models are important for our children, The Pyramid Model sets a standard for performance in your program. To give you the opportunity to see our model in action before building program-capacity, a demonstration site is selected as an example of early childhood social-emotional support.


To set a standard of high-fidelity practice, start with in-person training to develop your leadership teams and workforce. Because of federal grants, most materials and products are free to use. Modules are organized based on age groups and emphasize strategies for intervention and enhancement.

On-Going Support

To teach new staff and support your existing workforce, you have access to online training modules. Monthly conference calls and webinars also help to address new challenges, overcome unexpected outcomes, and evaluate performance standards.


How It Works

Phase 1

  • Identification and recruitment of demonstration sites
  • Onsite Training Events
  • Planning Meetings

Phase 2

  • Selection of demonstration programs
  • Program-wide training events
  • Monthly follow-up support