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State Capacity-Building

Scaling Up Without the Growing Pains

Like children, growth and change are not only inevitable but necessary. To lessen the workload while you develop high-quality programs in your state, we will help you strengthen the Pyramid Model framework and promote self-sustaining educational centers.


What’s Included

On-Site Support

For the first 12 to 24 months of implementation, you get up to 8 on-site technical assistance visits. We will evaluate team productivity, collaborate on strategies for overcoming new obstacles, and create an action plan for scaling up.

Distance Facilitation

As your priorities, leadership, or resources change, you can continue to tap into our support network for guidance or assessment. Our distance technical assistance team will keep your policies, procedures, and practices aligned with the Pyramid Model.

On-Going Training

To meet program expectations and provide continuous learning opportunities for your workforce, you will have access to our online training modules and resources which provide up-to-date information on effective practices, systems, and procedures.