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State Capacity-Building

Let Us Be Your Line Leader

To help states use our new method of support and implement it, we developed materials and resources through federal grants and 15 years of work. The two-phase process includes everything from developing new policies and procedures to collecting data for identifying high-performing classrooms. All you have to do is grab our hand and follow our lead.

What’s Included

State Leadership Team

From creating new policies and procedures to funding and system frameworks, we guide and support your team. This plays a part in implementing and sustaining the Pyramid Model as staff turnover occurs.

Demonstration Sites

Your sites are an example of how the program works. And it gives you a front row seat to see the methods used in play-time. These sites serve children, birth to five years, who are at risk for (or have) delays or disabilities.

Scaling Up

Just as research drives the cause, data helps you progress. So you can make adjustments, address challenges, and grow the program, you get tools to evaluate system outcomes.


Children are able to grow and change when their environment is consistent and familiar. Ongoing support and training helps you maintain the high-fidelity use of the Pyramid Model.


How It Works

Phase 1

  • Multiple onsite training
  • Technical assistance visits to the state team
  • Establishing demonstration sites

Phase 2

  • Additional onsite training
  • Distance technical assistance
  • Scaling up and sustaining