What is the Pyramid Model?

The Pyramid Model is a positive behavioral intervention and support (PBIS) framework that uses systems-thinking and implementation science to promote evidence-based practices. We created The Pyramid Model for Supporting Social Emotional Competence in Infants and Young Children to help early educators build skills for supporting nurturing and responsive caregiving, create learning environments, provide targeted social-emotional skills, and support children with challenging behavior. Finally, we provide local, national, and global early childhood programs with comprehensive training, proven methods, and free resources.

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Our Services

State Capacity-Building

Together, we can make a bigger impact. As PMC Partners, we understand the importance of a cross-sector approach. That’s why we provide you with the framework and roadmap to implement the Pyramid Model and create consistency across all early childhood services in your state.

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Program Capacity-Building

Implementation science guides everything we do. And the challenges we help you tackle require a system change approach. So, if you are a district, region, or program, we work with you on program-wide implementation. As a result, you can strengthen relationships between staff, family, and young children.

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Professional Development

Over the last decade, we have joined forces with all 50 states to change the way the early childhood workforce enhances a child’s social-emotional development. As such, our professional development program gives staff the knowledge and resources to provide individualized, focused, and consistent results in the classroom.

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Our Newest Impact

Check out the ePyramid, our new online training program for the early childhood workforce. When you train with us, you learn how to enhance social-emotional development in infants and young children. But you never have to leave the classroom.

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