The Pyramid Model in Australia

Watch the following clips to find out about the development of the Pyramid Model in Australia and its connections to our early childhood education and care frameworks.

Australian Research

The Pyramid Model was first introduced to Australia in 2011. To find out about local research undertaken since 2015, please watch this video.

For further information, please contact Janene Swalwell at [email protected].


Click on each section to access resources relevant to using the Pyramid Model within an Australian context.


To explore videos on Pyramid Model practices in Australian classrooms, please visit our Youtube page Pyramid Model in Australia.



Research and Implementation in Australia

Janene Swalwell
Monash University
[email protected]


Janene Swalwell
Monash University
[email protected]

Sara Retief Stockman
Positively Growing
[email protected]


Sue Brear
[email protected]

Jenny Urbano
[email protected]

General Enquiries

Sarah Riches
Early Childhood Intervention Australia – Victorian/Tasmanian Limited
[email protected]


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