MISSISSIPPI Pyramid Model Peer Learning Communities

The ePyramid courses and Peer Learning Communities (PLC) are designed to add a human touch-point and help participants implement Pyramid Model practices through online learning. Facilitators will lead participants through reflections and action planning that are structured and inspired by the ePyramid course content. More specifically, the sessions are designed to help participants discuss the lessons, provide reflection and ask questions while implementing the practices. Therefore, being able to attend fully and focus during our time together will provide the most value to your participation.

We are offering a variety of courses and meeting times to choose from. First, decide which topic is the best fit for you, Infant/Toddler, Preschool, or Birth to 5. Then select only one of the options in that topic that coincides with a time when you can engage fully and will not be engaged in other activities. Once registered, participants are expected to attend all the sessions in their selected series. Each course is about 18 hour of course work, including videos, activities, and handouts. The live, facilitated sessions that support each course are made up of either 9, 60 minute sessions or 6, 90 minutes sessions, depending on the option you choose below.

To learn more about each foundational course (Infant/Toddler, Preschool, and Birth to 5) and which would be best for you visit our ePyramid page!