Implementation Exploration and Readiness

Interested in the exploring Pyramid Model Implementation?    The purpose of this free course is to help you gain an understanding of the Pyramid Model program-wide implementation process, and to give you the information you need to determine if this is the right time for you to commit to implementing this framework. These modules can be completed on your own or together with your leadership team.

In this course, we will:

  • Review some of the concerns that may have led you to consider implementing the Pyramid Model in your program.
  • Explore the Pyramid Model and how it has helped other programs address these concerns.
  • And get familiar with the Benchmarks of Quality. This is the data source and guide of the Program-wide journey.

By the end of this course, you’ll see how providing this evidence-based, systematic implementation of the Pyramid Model benefits both your staff and the children and families you serve. If you have additional questions about exploring Pyramid Model implementation please contact Rob Corso at [email protected] or Erin Kalanick at [email protected].

Module 1

1. Discuss the concerns facing early learning centers.

2. Review the Pyramid Model Framework and discuss the positive outcomes that are possible when it is implemented program-wide with fidelity.

3. Define the current concerns in your early learning centers and establish what “better” would look like to you.

Module 2

  1. Identify what Program-wide Pyramid Model. Implementation is, and how it can fit into your program
  2. Discuss the differences between classroom-wide implementation and program-wide implementation of the Pyramid Model.
  3. Identify why you are interested in implementing the Pyramid Model in your program.

 Module 3

  1. Discuss the final considerations for readiness. 
  2. Identify how the Benchmarks of Quality will be used as part of program-wide implementation. 
  3. Develop an action plan for your next steps.

*If you are familiar with our other online courses, these modules will look very similar in style however they will not be part of your account dashboard. This course will also not track or hold your progress as the other courses do. We recommend you make a note of what sections you have completed before you exit the course. This will allow you to navigate to that section the next time you return to this course.