Practice-Based Coaching (PBC)

PBC Expert Coaching

Practice-based coaching is a cyclical process for guiding practitioners’ use of evidence-based practices for promoting positive child outcomes. Practice-based coaching involves the following components:

  • collaborative partnerships
  • shared goals and action planning
  • focused observation
  • reflection and feedback

Leadership Team PBC Guide PDF

PBC in a Group

Practice-Based Coaching in a Group is a model that provides an opportunity for teachers be coached on evidence-based practices in a small group setting. This approach can be used across different types of programs, ages birth through 5.

PBC Peer to Peer

Reciprocal peer coaching (also referred to as Peer-to-Peer Coaching) involves peers coaching each other using the PBC model.

PBC Equity Guide

The Pyramid Model Equity Coaching Guide provides the classroom coach with a reflection tool to examine the implementation of Pyramid Model practices through the lens of culturally responsive practices and identification of implicit bias. The Pyramid Model Equity Coaching Guide is used within the collaborative coaching partnership and ongoing coaching activities to identify when there are equity concerns related to practice implementation.

The tool provides:

  • Reflective questions that are used by the coach to identify areas of concern
  • Guidance for identifying the concern and supportive data
  • Links for resources that might be used to address areas of concern
  • Conversation starters and strategies for supporting the coachee in addressing concerns

The Pyramid Model Equity Coaching Guide is designed to be used by coaches after the coach has established a strong collaborative coaching partnership, an initial TPOT assessment has been completed, the coach and teacher have begun working together, and the coach has conducted several observations in the classroom.