Tionia Williams

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Tionia Williams is a former Pyramid Model Champion (2023) and has been a preschool teacher, Assistant Principal, team lead for her program’s Pyramid Leadership Team, Director of Early Learning and Educational Grants, and in her current role as Principal. Tionia has participated in the implementation of pyramid model practices since the first pyramid model grant (CSEFEL) and is even in the Promoting Social Emotional Competence video!

involved. She is committed to continuing the implementation of pyramid practices with fidelity. It is a priority and she models through her behaviors, actions, and words what she would like staff to do with children – laying a strong foundation for the bottom of the pyramid. I watch her as she establishes nurturing and responsive relationships across staff. She works to create an environment where staff feel valued, heard, and important. An environment that feels safe to try out new practices and strategies. One in which they know they have support when children are struggling. She provides training and coaching for staff to feel competent in teaching social emotional skills and addressing challenging behaviors. And, she provides additional support for that small number of teachers who need a little more assistance to be successful.